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Welcome To Coconut Grove Waterfront Condos

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Why Choose Coconut Grove?

Florida places at the very top of destinations in the United States.  Our beautiful weather, soft beaches, sparkling waters and interesting blends of global cultures contribute to the choice of South Florida as a place to visit or live.

Coconut Grove, however, surpasses most  other communities of South Florida and for good reason.   There is a housing option for most budgets, with units  to be found at $190,000 up to well into the millions.  Walk on our streets and you will see artists and students, snow birds and year-round residents.  Find a cozy cafe on one of our tree-lined, quaint streets and relax as life parades before you.





Ven-American Real Estate, Inc.   •   2665 S. Bayshore Drive, Suite 220, Coconut Grove, Florida 33133   •   Office 305.858.1188

The Latest Coconut Grove Real Estate News...

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Three-Judge Panel Weighs The Future Of The Coconut Grove Playhouse

Hopefully getting an answer sooner than later, the fate of the Coconut Grove Playhouse, considered one of the Miami-Dade’s historic landmarks. will be determined by a panel of three judges from the Appellate Division of the 11th Circuit Court. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE


Low Mortgage Rates May Drive Home Sales Recovery

Nationwide mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve been in at least ten years, and such favorable financing may well be a driving force in the recovery of the real estate market in Miami-Dade, local experts say. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Luxury Condo Resales Are Up – Sometimes At Prices That Beat Developer Units

The pandemic and ensuing economic slowdown has prompted some condo owners to post virtual ‘for sale’ signs on their units, even in the toniest enclaves. The result: an uptick in resale activity that poses competition for unsold developer units in new buildings. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE